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Sarah-Hedley1Sarah Hedley, Art Tutor,         Art Classes and Portraiture

I am an artist and art tutor living and working in Coventry and Warwickshire. I am a qualified artist and art tutor. I teach Drawing and Painting individually to students over 18. I teach on the subjects of drawing, watercolour painting and oil painting. My teaching style is friendly and purposeful. All with an interest in art are welcome.

Watercolour Class 1


Private Tuition

I teach on an individual basis according to the students requirements in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

My tuition is based very much on what is required by the student and a given structure is established according to their needs. I can teach in oil painting, watercolour, inks, pencil crayon, pastels, charcoal and pencil. I will cover proportion, line drawing, tonal work and colour mixing from the primary palette also.

cost of tuition: 1 hour tuition at £30 per hour.

Testimonial from a student:

“I have enjoyed 8 one-to-one drawing lessons with Sarah. Having no previous experience of drawing, I was really pleased with the drawings I did. Sarah is student-centred, she excels at drawing the best out of her students. I really liked how she drew the same scene next to me. This meant I didn’t feel she was watching me (no pressure) and since she was always a bit ahead of me, I had an idea of what I was aiming for. Sarah is very flexible, she can teach lots of different techniques and will draw the best out of you with only a few tips.”                                                                                                                                  Sylvie Bigant, 2018

For further information:                                                       

Please contact the tutor,  Sarah Hedley,  at:                                               mobile: 07975714790

One students improvement in drawing shown here. Before and after tuition:                                                                    
A colour mixing exercise:

Testimonials from students

“Sarah is one of the most attentive and enthusiastic art tutors that I have enjoyed. With imagination and a wide range of techniques, Sarah has been able to help me understand the wide range of effects possible with watercolour painting, I look forward to attending more of Sarah’s classes”                                                                    Alan T. Clark, 22 June 2018 

“Sarah Hedley has been my Art Tutor for about fifteen years.  Over this period, I have come to appreciate her many virtues, both as a kind, sympathetic person and an extremely skilful teacher.  Her demonstrations are always vivid and helpful, while her involvement with my own efforts is invariably constructive and encouraging.  She is highly recommended.”                                          Hywel Owen, 22 June 2018

“I enjoy Sarah’s classes. Her demonstrations illustrate the techniques of painting and drawing that can be adopted by me. Her tutoring and advice help me to understand and eliminate problems and errors in my work. Very enjoyable and rewarding experience.” Ian Dodds, 22 June 2018 

“Sarah Hedley is a superb tutor making her job look effortless! She creates a very relaxed atmosphere which promotes creativity. Her expertise and generosity of tuition and patience are really amazing. More please!”                                                                                           Katie Harwar, 2008

“Learning to draw and paint have brought a whole new dimension to my life. I thought I was observant before but my eyes have been opened.  For the first time I am developing a practical skill and I have seen it grow over the past few years. Art also brings people together as a group. The class is so supportive of each other. It can be frustration as you know what you want to do but cant always achieve it. A good teacher is worth her weight in gold.”                          Val Davies, 2006
Below is a recent example of my portrait work. This is a commissioned portrait:

See more of my work here:
Sarah Hedley Portraits – email:
About the Tutor
I have taught art for 20 years, 13 of those, at the University of Warwick.
In the recent past I have worked as an artist in residence at Coventry University. I worked with students and on portrait commissions during my time there. I was also lead tutor for the Art Club at Coventry University. I have taught life drawing at Coventry University.  Before this, I worked for 13 years at Warwick University teaching art, sculpture, oil painting, watercolour, pastels and life drawing.
I studied Art Foundation at Coventry University and then an Illustration Degree at Manchester University. I worked in publishing for 13 years and had books published with Collins, Simon and Schuster and Hodder & Stoughton. I then went on to complete an MA in Fine Art and also a City and Guilds Stage 1 and 2 in teaching adults.
 I continue to paint, photograph, sculpt and exhibit.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Hedley”

  1. Hello Sarah,
    How inspiring is your site to a very despondent, recently redundant Art teacher. My dream is to write and illustrate books for children though did not have the opportunity to. Any advice from a successful practitioner such as yourself would be most appreciated.
    Kind regards.
    Sian Jones


    1. Sian! i hope you are now less despondent and also hope that I did send you some advice about writing and illustrating childrens books. If you would like to meet that might be good. However, I am trying to get into illustration work myself. I suggest you get a portfolio of work together of Illustrations that are your best work. Show how you can illustrate a range of subjects such as people animals interiors vehicles buildings landscape. I went to the London Book Fair there is a small corner of the fair devoted to childrens books. You could take your work around there. Any other queries please dont hesitate to ask. All the best. Let me know how you have got on. Sarah Hedley


  2. Hi Sarah
    I am interested in attending your watercolour class and would like to ask when your next courses starts please. I am away in June so maybe classes you are giving in the summertime.
    sally morgan


    1. HI Sally,

      I am sorry if I didn’t reply to you before. If you are interested in attending my art class on Fridays please feel free to come along for a trial session at the cost of £10. We are starting again on Friday May 5 at 10am, Beechwood Lawn Tennis Club Earlsdon. See the information on my site. We have a lively, friendly group of dedicated students who welcome new people. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

      All the very best

      Sarah Hedley
      ARt Tutor and ARtist.


  3. Dear Sarah
    I’m not sure whether you will receive this but trying anyway. If you are in contact with any others in the group, I’d appreciate it if you would pass it on, although I am writing to each of the tutors individually.

    Julia Larden’s partner, Mick, has asked me to pass on the sad news that Julia passed away on 4th June after a prolonged battle with cancer.

    If anyone would like to attend the funeral or pay respects I will let you know when I have the details.

    She will be missed by so many of us in education and politics as she was such a driving force and a great encouragement. I owe her so much.




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