Dean Howes

Dean20121-150x150I am a teacher of Psychology who is particularly interested in human development, experience and performance. I have taught a range of Psychology courses at high schools, further education organisations and higher education institutions. I have also worked as a consultant to a group of academy schools. I achieved a BSc (Hons.) in Psychology in 2001, a PGCE in further, adult and higher education in 2003 and an MSc in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology in 2006. My most recent courses have concerned topics such as sport psychology, consciousness and exceptional experiences and the psychology of the New Testament.

Below is a list of courses that I am able to offer through Warwickshire Leisure Studies.

  • The Psychology of Sporting Performance
  • Walking in Spirit
  • The Mysteries of the Mind
  • Mindfulness (NEW)

Each course is usually split into five 2-hour sessions costing £5 per hour (£50 per person for the full course). I do run pre-planned courses at specific venues but am also able to customise courses, schedules and venues depending upon the wishes of potential students or groups (including church groups and sports groups). I can also deliver any of these courses as day workshops and/or can produce a bespoke workshop or course for your particular needs and areas of interest.

f you would like to register an interest in my courses or would like further information please CONTACT ME at or use the form below. (Website address not needed.) I will then keep you up to date with upcoming opportunities.



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