Angela Torpey

Angela for WLSI studied Egyptology as part of my first degree  at the Victoria University of Manchester, became hooked and was fortunate to be able to continue to a Master of Philosophy Degree specializing in the Amarna Period, also at Manchester. For the past 22 years I taught Lifelong Learning at the University of Warwick and also for 12 years a Distance Education Certificate in Egyptology for the University of Manchester. Egyptology has become my passion and my life.
One of the first requests I had at Warwick was to consider a Study Tour to Egypt. I was terrified. From this began almost 20 years of organising and leading Study Tours to Egypt, both independently and as guest lecturer with Ancient World Tours. 
With my passion for Egyptology is perhaps a stronger passion for Lifelong Learning. I left school at just a week shy of my fifteenth birthday with no qualifications, just a love of reading. My return to learning came in my early twenties and in an entirely unexpected way. I can still remember the sense of amazement and wonder when I passed my first GCE exam.  With my degrees I also now have a PostGraduate Certificate in Education in Further and Higher Education awarded by Wolverhampton University and more recently  qualifications in e-learning. Today I look back with gratitude and not a little humility at the amazing life which gradually opened up to me and which I hope will continue.
Some of the pyramids at Meroe  – © Sorin Furcoi – Al Jazeera

Autumn Term – 2018

Egypt: Nubia and ‘vile’ Kush: Egypt’s Southern Neighbours

One of the most disconcerting remarks to read is that, because text evidence has not survived, prior to the Kingdom of Kush little is known about the early peoples in what is today northern Sudan. Yet from the early peoples to the ‘Black Pharaohs’ the inhabitants of Nubia and ‘vile’ Kush played a significant role in Egypt’s long history. Yet who were these people (or peoples)? Tumuli hint at indigenous beliefs, yet so much is derived from their northern neighbour. From Middle Kingdom military forts and spectacular pyramids, to the sacred site of Gebel Barkal, little-visited northern Sudan holds fascinating glimpses of life beyond Egypt’s southern border. Do join us as we explore together spectacular pyramids, this new course: Nubia and ‘vile’ Kush: Egypt’s Southern Neighbours. A warm welcome awaits.

Tuesday  October 2nd 2018 7.00 pm to 9.00 p.m. 


Friday  October 5th 2018 11.00 am to 1.00 p.m.

Classes will run for 8 weeks to 27th November or 30th November 2018.

(Note: There will be no classes on Tuesday 23rd or Friday 26th October (half-term ))

Cost – £54.00

Xcel Centre, Mitchell Avenue, Coventry CV4 8DY (off Charter Avenue)
(nr. University of Warwick Westwood Site)

Please note: students with internet access will also be able to access elements of this course on line at

If you would like to contact me to register or with any questions please feel free to fill in the contact form or e-mail me at



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