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Welcome to Warwickshire Leisure Studies.  On these pages you will find mentally stimulating, and creative, local Warwickshire and West Midlands  adult leisure courses.  These are offered at a high level: often to university undergraduate level, and are  taught by local adult tutors who are well qualified in their subject areas, and often practicing in their own field as critics, writers, artists etc.  All tutors currently listed have previously worked for The University of Warwick Centre for Lifelong Learning (The University of Warwick’s own Adult Education Department) and some still offer some courses for the CLL as well.  Have a look around.  The tutor’s own, detailed info pages are on the left.   Find out about us and our courses.  Alternatively,  click on the subject list below. Found a course that sounds right for you?  Sign up using the PayPal button on the tutor’s page (You can also use a credit card.) or follow the tutor’s own sign-up instructions.

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An introduction to the art of the countries of the silk roads, the famous trade routes that ran through Europe, the Near East and Asia.  The course covers the silk road ‘predecessors’ in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Persia then artistic relations between Greece, Rome and China;  art and architecture of the Byzantine Empire; the evolution of art in China and even the art directly concerned with the phenomenon of the silk roads themselves .


A series of individual art  workshops from a practising and exhibiting artist:  *Watercolour and mixed media *Looking for ways to abstract your image * Colour and colour mixing using acrylic *  Soft Pastel workshop.  For more details and dates see title link


The fascination and the frustration caused by this last queen of Egypt, the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty.  She was courted and won both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.   Records of the  queen herself after after her death are scant.  However,  of the city which still bears the name of Alexander the Great and which was a silent witness to the court of Cleopatra VII much more is now known. Exciting new underwater archaeology has brought the royal quarter back to life.


These are structured sessions with demonstrations, but working on individual projects is also welcome.   We work on accurate drawing and shading work  in inks, pencil or pencil crayon.  Colour mixing and accurate colour representation is encouraged, however, students are keen to experiment beyond basic realism and this is a welcome addition to our sessions.

THE HEAT OF THE DAY by Elizabeth Bowen

Continuing, by popular demand,  with  Elizabeth Bowen, The Heat of the Day is a novel of intrigue and espionage set in wartime London, but with another Anglo-Irish protagonist.  An attractive independent woman on ‘happy and sensuous terms with life’, engaged in wartime espionage for a government agency, finds she is being blackmailed.  This highly symbolic and Modernist novel captures the sense of a wartime society under threat of destruction.


This term, we will continue our theme of ‘place’ in novels and will examine three texts that celebrate and examine the identity and culture of Wales.   The course will start with Caradoc Evans’s  collection of stories My People published in 1915 followed by Margiad Evans’ short novel Country Dance (1932).  Finally, we will read Richard Llewellyn’s popular novel How Green Was My Valley, published in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II.


In Britain the effects of the Depression (which followed the Wall Street Crash of 1929) and the proposed remedies were not shared equally amongst the people.  However, despite a period in which the Labour Party disowned its leader, and British fascism grew in strength, the country managed to survive.  The course will also address aspects of the social history of the time.


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